Just what is tawx?

tawx is an Internet Relay Chat network that prides itself on being a reliable, unrestrictive and friendly communications platform.
Originally known as the MsgPlus IRC network and renamed in January 2012, tawx has hosted the original #banana channel for over a decade, as well as many other communities.


Host IPv4 IPv6 Owner Location Connected
trendy.us.tawx.net216.85.207.14  Adeptus United States Jul 9 2009
hactar.uk.tawx.net149.255.110.59  sean United Kingdom Mar 29 2013
stonewall.us.tawx.net104.200.28.2022600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe56:5c4c rps United States Oct 7 2014


Nick expiry 5 years
Nick length 30 characters
Channel expiry 5 years
Channel length 31 characters
Connections per IP 5


2012 59
2013 56
2014 45
2015 27
2016 (to date) 1

Population history


tawx is run by TReKiE, ungage, sock and DXtremz.

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