What don't you get? Everything.

If you've never used IRC before, you will need to select an IRC client, and then read the help for the client you've chosen.

To quickly get connected to tawx and start learning more about IRC, you will probably want to use a web-based IRC client.

Desktop clients

Client Operating System Documentation
mIRC Windows Getting Started
Hexchat Windows, OS X, Linux Getting Started
Chatzilla Windows, Linux, Firefox addon Introduction
AndroIRC Android Wiki
Colloquy OS X FAQ
Colloquy iOS iOS FAQ

Wikihow also has a guide worth reading, and you can find video tutorials on YouTube.

Help with services

Forgot your password? Need assistance getting your nick registered? Looking to get a vhost? Come visit us in #feds for help.

Unable to connect or banned

If you're unable to connect to tawx or get a message that you have been banned, please email ircorange@hotmailtawxred.net for help.

Everything else

All other inquiries can either be sent to ircorange@hotmailtawxred.net or tweeted to @tawxirc.

If displeased, let us know at complaintsaol@rogerstawxgrape.net.

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